Court Ordered or Required Volunteer Hours

1. Download the Tracking Form and use our Project Calendar

Please download and use Hands On Birmingham's Court Ordered Tracking form found here. You can use this form to keep track of your volunteer hours and have a project coordinator sign off on your hours. You can find volunteer opportunities that fit within your schedule on our website. Simply register on the site and sign up for projects.

You must keep track your hours. It's up to you to submit proof of your community service. Keep a list of hours worked on the tracking form we have provided. Please note: Once you have completed all of your hours, submit the Tracking Form to us by Fax at 205-251-1160 and follow up with a phone call to 205-241-5849. We will then verify the hours and forward the form to the courts.

2. Contact Agencies Directly

If you have many hours to complete, or need to complete them within a short time, you may prefer to work directly with an agency where you can work repeatedly, or for longer shifts. Check our list of organizations on our site and then contact them to see if they have available opportunities. Keep in mind: if you set up projects with an agency directly, they will be responsible for the final verification of your service.

3. Explain why you are Volunteering

Some agencies will not accept court ordered volunteers due to restrictions or they will require further actions before you can volunteer for their projects. Restrictions vary between organizations.

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