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The vision of our ministry is founded upon three basic principles Our Lord intended for His people to follow. In addition, the vision of our ministry is a revelation of Matthew 26:16-20 and is as follows: I. TO PREPARE We are to prepare men, women, boys and girls for the coming of the Lord through various ministries such as Bible Study, Praise & Worship, Marriage/Singles/Seniors Ministries, Radio/Television Broadcast and other vehicles ordained by GOD. II. TO PROPAGATE We are to share the Word of GOD with every living soul we come in contact with, and to be witnesses unto Christ first at home and then abroad. Therefore, outreach will always remain a priority. III. TO PROSPER We are to prosper first kingdomly (spiritually) then carnally (naturally). This is based on 3 John 1:2. FOR WE ARE "THE CHURCH ON THE MOVE FOR CHRIST" & YES WE ARE BLESSED!

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Irondale, AL, 35215

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HandsOn Birmingham
3600 8th Avenue South
PO BOX 320189
Birmingham, AL 35232
Phone: (205) 251-5849


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