Project Homeless Connect (PHC)

For one day, PHC will give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to access an array of services (housing, medical services, identification services, veterans' services, employment services, pet care, haircuts, etc.) in a system which is often difficult to understand and navigate. 


What is a Smiling Faces Client Guide?

Smiling Faces Client Guides are the first contact clients have at the service center. Their role is crucial in helping engage clients and making them feel welcome! Client guides are asked to commit to 4.5 hours to ensure your client recieves all the service they need.

What do Smiling Faces Client Guides do?

After signing in, you will be paired with a client and help prepare them for registration and intake. From there, you will ask your client what services they would like to partake in and you will guide them to each station. Your role is to simply talk with them, make them feel welcomed and comfortable! 

Will I receive any training or will I just be turned loose?

Yes! We are asking that volunteers get there promptly when their shifts start so that we can give you a quick 10-15 minute orientation.We will also be posting a training video that will be available online. 

Can I bring my child with me to volunteer?

Unfortunately, no. We will not have the space or capacity to accommodate children and all volunteers must be 18 and up for this event. We absolutely hate to turn away volunteers, but if you bring your children with you we will have to.

Other Information:


  • You will be on your feet for most of your volunteer time, so please wear comfortable shoes.

  • Project Homeless Connect will be serving clients from 8am-1pm, feel free to volunteer longer than your shift if you would like.

We're asking that volunteers not affiliated with a specific agency to please wear a red t-shirt to the event. Volunteers will enter the Boutwell via the side entry located in the ally between the Muesum of Art and the Boutwell. Signs will be in placed at the entrance. Thanks for volunteering!


For more information on PHC please contact or call 205.251.5849