MLK Jr. Day of Service

For the past 16 years the citizens of Birmingham and the surrounding areas have come out by the thousands to give back to their community on MLK Jr. Day of Service. We're proud and you should be too! You've refurbished schools, built homes for the needy, fed the homeless, cleaned up neighborhoods and socialized with seniors-the list is endless.

For more information on MLK Jr. Day of Service please contact or call 205.251.5849



Botanical Gardens- Friday, January 13th

Oxmoor Valley Elementary School (Full Registration)

ACIPCO/Finley Neighborhood Project 

Community Food Bank- Friday, January 13th (Full Registration)

Salvation Army- Friday, January 13th (Full Registration)

Alabama Wildlife (Full Registration)

Village Creek (Full Registration)

Camp Fletcher (Full Registration)

Moss Rock (Full Registration)

North Hill (Full Registration)

Ecoscapes (Full Registration)

SIMS Ecoscapes (Full Registration)

Ronald McDonald House (Full Registration)

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve (Full Registration)

McDonald Chapel Clean-up (Full Registration)

Hoover Senior Center (Full Registration)

Brown Elementary (Full Registration)

Minor Elementary (Full Registration)

City of Fairfield Clean-up

Family Connection (Full Registration)

Disability Rights and Resources (Full Registration)

Huffman Middle School (Full Registration)

Smithfield Estates (Full Registration)

Aldridge Gardens (Full Registration)

Ossie Ware Mitchell

Limestone Park 

Episcopal Place (Full Registration)

Glenwood, Inc. (Full Registration)

South Hampton

South Titusville LYB (Full Registration)

West End Community Clean-Up (Harrison Park) (Full Registration)

West End Community Clean-Up (Woodward Park)


East Lake Park 

East Thomas Park

E.O. Jackson Park

Grayson Park 

Harris Park

Lewis Park

MLK Park 

McAlpine Park 

Norwood Park

Roosevelt Park 

Wiggins Park

Woodward Park